It all starts here: David, Samia, Hortense’s little sister… Discover the new class of students!

As the institute entrance exam approaches, TF1 has unveiled the new characters who will be part of the promotion that will join “Here everything begins” at the start of the school year. With in particular a certain Vic, who is none other than Hortense’s sister.

The start of the new school year promises to be loaded with new faces in Here it all begins. And among them, TF1 viewers will meet the little sister of one of the series’ emblematic characters.

As the summer intrigue taking place within the Beaumont Hotel will soon come to an end and will finally reveal the identity of the crow who has been attacking Greg (Mikaël Mittelstadt), Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo), Enzo (Azize Diabate), Noémie (Lucia Passaniti) and the others for several weeks, the daily culinary soap opera will then go into “back to school” mode and will take an interest from the end of August in the traditional entrance examination for the Auguste Armand Institute.

The opportunity for fans of Here everything begins to discover the students of the new class of the institute, whose face, name and characteristics were unveiled by TF1 today. And one thing is certain: the return to school will be more hot and explosive than ever in Calvières.

Ethan Cardone played by Rik Kleve


As previously announced, the first character to join the new promotion is none other than Ethan Cardone (Rik Kleve), the son of Chief Cardone (Alexandra Vandernoot).

A fierce competitor, he sees himself as number 1 or nothing. He learned the importance of respecting his peers and obeying the orders of a squad thanks to his mother. Ethan also lives with this pressure not to disappoint her because she expects excellence from him.

Samia Naji played by Emma Boulanouar


Samia (Emma Boulanouar) comes from a Moroccan family and her parents are divorced. Her father moved to Morocco and her mother manages the family restaurant alone.

To help her mother, Samia did odd jobs in the restaurant business: from fast food to starred restaurants, where she observed the work of large brigades from the dishwasher. Today, she dreams of joining starred restaurants. She knows it, that is where her destiny lies, and only the Institute will be able to enable her to achieve it.

Vic Rochemont performed by Lou Ladegaillerie


Victorine (Lou Ladegaillerie), her real first name, is Hortense’s (Catherine Davydzenka) little sister. Everything opposes the 2 sisters: Victorine is down to earth and second degree when Hortense is lunar and completely first degree. The only point that brings them together: the kitchen.

Victorine’s arrival at the Institute promises to be complicated for Hortense, who has never got on too well with her sister…

David Gauthier played by Liam Hellman


Marked by a chaotic education, David (Liam Hellman) is a winnower, always in a good mood, cool and flirty. He has spent his life chaining nonsense but the kitchen has always been the only place where he manages to concentrate and channel himself. His only concern, his relationship to authority.

Billie Coudert played by Margaux Kembi Aguilar


Inspired by French and US pop culture, Billie (Margaux Kembi Aguilar) is a fan of Rosalia and Aya Nakamura. She wears flashy looks that catch the eye and the attention of boys and girls alike, no matter her curves, she totally assumes them. Her look and her colorful physique will thus clash at the Institute and she will be talked about, whether in the kitchen or in service.

Solar and cash, she quickly forms an indestructible trio with Samia and Vic. Very focused on appearance and ultra-connected on social networks, she showcases her plates with their always chiadé aesthetics. But to compete with the best of his class, he will also have to learn to work with tastes and textures…

Livio played by Corentin Pellis

Livio (Corentin Pellis) is a Sicilian who fell into the kitchen from a very young age. His parents run an unpretentious inn which, thanks to the quality of their local cuisine, has become an institution on the island. After a course in classic cuisine, he joined “Les chefs blancs”, the most famous cooking school in Rome, where he met Teyssier, who came to lead a masterclass in February.

While Ethan will make his first appearance in Here it all begins on Friday August 26, Samia, David, Vic, and Billie will land on the series on Monday August 29. Just in time for the start of the entrance exam.

As for Livio, he seems absent from the episodes which will be broadcast from August 29 to September 2 on TF1. And his course – he has already trained in a prestigious school in Italy – leads us to think that he could rather be one of the characters who will join the master’s degree alongside Salomé, Anaïs, Enzo, and Charlène. Case to follow.

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