It Debates – Relaxation objects


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Are you an expert in relaxation? We challenge you to recognize all these improbable objects dedicated to relaxation

You no longer know how to relax? Here are some totally absurd things that might interest you.
We asked three pairs to guess the usefulness of certain relaxation objects. Not so obvious, you say? Fortunately, wellness expert Sophie Trem aka @theotherartofliving was able to answer their questions and give us more information about these strange objects.
You might never have imagined that a plastic button piercer would be a way to release tension? Well, yes. Apparently, faking the gesture would satisfy a lot of you. But there is also the acupressure tool whose shape gives no clue to its instructions for use, the spherical gyroscope which hypnotizes and promotes concentration and finally, the most fun of all, the ostrich cushion allowing you to the nap anywhere, if we make fun of the gaze of others. So, relaxed?

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