It hurts !: About an unfulfilled desire for children: "We were only 48 hours pregnant"

Not pregnant. Not again. For the umpteenth time. Carrying an unfulfilled desire to have children hurts in an indescribable way. To constantly hope that it will finally work out – and then to hold the result in your hands again: unfortunately not pregnant. Grueling.

Sarah and Timo have experienced this feeling for many years. ICSI treatments, IVF talks, changing fertility centers, from Hamburg to Berlin, therapy talks, spermiogram … the list is long, the attempts expensive. But all this and much more, the married couple took on without a murmur, hopefully at some point to have their longing for a child fulfilled. And then it FINALLY worked: "We are pregnant", Sarah and Timo could cheer – but unfortunately only for almost exactly 48 hours. How intense this roller coaster of feelings is and how they feel about it, they tell you personally and intimately in the video.

Sarah and Timo are part of our family who want to have children YouTube series ELTERN like us. The two report regularly in personal videos about their path to having the desired child. They tell openly and approachable how difficult it is to have an unfulfilled wish for a child. They report very specifically and with many details, for example, about how many hormones Sarah has to inject for the next ICSI treatment and how Timo as her partner is doing with it.

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Janna Mansfeld