“It is abnormal that the microbial auxiliaries escape the regulations which weigh on drugs in pharmacies”

Tribune. Our vision of microbes has recently been revolutionized because we have understood that they do not only contain pathogens, but also health auxiliaries, for plants and animals, including humans. The microbiota, which is the set of microbes, fungi and bacteria, inhabiting the organism, participates in all the functions of organisms.

The microbiota helps the intestine to digest and the roots of plants to exploit the soil. It shields pathogenic microbes and stimulates the functioning of the immune system, in humans as well as in plants. It modulates all the functions like the development of the child and the behavior of the adult, or the date of flowering and the shape of the plants!

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Microbiota raise new hopes in the face of crucial societal issues. In human health, modern diseases are experiencing an uncontrolled increase, and will affect 25% of Westerners in 2025: diseases of the metabolism (obesity, diabetes), of the immune system (asthma, allergies, autoimmune diseases) or neuropsychiatric diseases (depression, autism). , Alzheimer’s).

Microbial presence is normal

These diseases are partly linked to a microbiota impoverished by excessive hygiene and chemical attacks. Certain food additives are, for example, deleterious for our microbiota, and hence a source of inflammation. For plants, pesticides reduce the defenses linked to the microbiota while degrading the environment; Fed with mineral fertilizers that also pollute continental waters, cultivated plants have given up their link to the auxiliary soil fungi that had nourished them for millions of years.

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Plants deprived of this microbiota become dependent on inputs that weigh on the environment and our health. Hygiene and conventional agriculture have had positive effects, but by ignoring the microbiota, they have impoverished them and created major problems. We have reasoned too much organisms and individuals without seeing their interior microbial ecosystems, vital and abused.

The microbial presence is a normal component that must be preserved for the good of mankind. By thinking “symbiosis”, we will correct the disorders by acting both on the microbiota and on the organism where they perform essential functions. In fact, microbes for inoculation are currently flourishing in the trade.

Take into account the specificity

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