“It is astounding to be able to exclude J. K. Rowling because his remarks disturb while they remain within the framework of the law”

THEevent makes the fans salivate. 1er January 2022, the HBO Max streaming channel will celebrate the 20the anniversary of the first film of the saga Harry potter with its main actors and creators. All will evoke the good old days. All except J. K. Rowling, the author of the books. She was not invited. It is considered infrequent.

Without it, there wouldn’t have been the eight films – one of the highest grossing franchises in history. She has sold 500 million pounds but will not be partying because she has been repeating for two years on Twitter that transgender people should be defined not by their gender but by their biological sex. In June 2020, when a text called for “A fairer world for people who have their period”, she asked with irony why the word woman was not mentioned. The Web was unleashed, she was accused of transphobia. What she denies, posting a fight that she considers a priority.

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At 56, J. K. Rowling is a feminist who for years denounces domestic violence and sexual assault of which women are victims. Believing that the cause of trans could obscure a fight concerning him, half of humanity, she affirms: “If sex is not real, the lived reality of women around the world is erased. “

Trans activists protested on November 19 outside the writer’s home in Scotland, revealing her address on Twitter. She received packages of death threats or intimidation by mail. “Enough to line my house. “

A fracture on the left

J. K. Rowling knows she is powerful enough to defend herself. She accepts that her life is shelled, to be labeled “TERF”, meaning “radical feminist excluding trans”. On the other hand, she does not accept that other women – she cites a dozen of them – share her opinion but, not having her fame, are the object of harassment, when it is not their employer who is doing the job. subject to pressure.

Everyone thinks what they want of J. K. Rowling’s words about trans. The subject is elsewhere. It is astounding to be able to exclude a writer because her remarks disturb while they remain within the framework of the law. As if people with different thoughts could no longer talk to each other and live together. Debate is replaced by rejection, dialogue by threat.

In June 2020, employees of the publisher Hachette, in London, even refused to work on a novel by the writer. The stake is the freedom of expression. Hence a forum signed in July 2020 by more than 150 artists and intellectuals in the American magazine Harper’s, denouncing “Intolerance of opposing views “. Among the signatories, the novelists Margaret Atwood, Salman Rushdie, Kamel Daoud. And J. K. Rowling.

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