“It makes me extremely happy”: Ahmed Sylla very touched by the praise of a columnist of C à vous

This Thursday, the C à Vous team received Ahmed Sylla and Bertrand Usclat to discuss their latest film, Twins but not too much. While Patrick Cohen shared his glowing opinion of the feature film, Ahmed Sylla seemed particularly touched by this return.

He obviously wasn’t expecting it. Ahmed Sylla was received, with his playing partner Bertrand Usclat, to talk about his latest film Jumeaux but not too much. Entertainment that probably pleased Patrick Cohen, who was particularly generous in his criticism. “This quest is wonderfully moving, there is a lot of sensitivity and humanity, and I never thought I would be so touched one day on a song by Natasha St-Pier”, launched the journalist, causing the laughter of the two guests. One thing is certain: this compliment went straight to the heart of Ahmed Sylla, who apparently did not expect so much from Patrick Cohen. “It makes me extremely happy, you can’t imagine!“, declared the actor before specifying, not a little proud: “This is the third time, I believe, that I have come here, and it is the faith in which he is most convinced!“And Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, amused, to answer him:”Don’t come a fourth time!

Ahmed Sylla: “At the end, I had tears in my eyes”

During the interview, Ahmed Sylla confided in more detail on the reasons which led him to accept his role in Jumeaux but not too much. “I received the screenplay, and it was the first time that I was moved on paper. At the end I had tears in my eyes“, explained the actor. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine then recalled that he shared a lot of points in common with his character. Oh good ? Do you fix toilets?“, then joked Patrick Cohen, in reference to the film. “I fixed the toilets at home, my father was proud of me for that, I hadn’t studied plumbing, but I knew how to fix the toilets“, replied Ahmed Sylla. Decidedly, between Ahmed Sylla and Patrick Cohen, the atmosphere was frank camaraderie on the set!

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