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The hymn to joy

Watch as they are having a blast. Last week, in Monaco, the princely family in full force, or almost – the absence of Princess Charlene, hospitalized for various health concerns, did not go unnoticed – celebrated the Prince’s Day, or the National Day of the Principality. In the program ? Three days of social dinners, religious celebrations, diplomatic buttocks, fireworks shows and, above all, collective euphoria.

Close protection

For the occasion, Albert pulled out the big game. He put on the uniform of the Compagnie des carabiniers du Prince, founded in 1817. With 119 men, it includes a musical group, a group of underwater divers. and a motorcycling platoon, and its main mission is to guard the palace and ensure the safety of the sovereign and his relatives. But why is the prince wearing the uniform of the company supposed to ensure his own safety? No doubt because we are never better served than by ourselves.

His feather thing

On the head of the young Prince Jacques, 6, is a helmet adorned with a spectacular white and red plume, baptized “cassowary”. Why ? In 1855, on the occasion of Queen Victoria’s visit to France, the Emperor Napoleon III imposed on the students of Saint-Cyr, who paraded in front of her, the wearing of a white and red plume over their usual headgear. .

Little seduced by this accessorization, the Saint-Cyrians immediately nicknamed it “cassowary”, in reference to the Australian bird of the same name, just introduced to the Jardin d’Acclimatation, in Paris, and also decked out in a funny way. of feathered helmet.

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Discard ink

Since we are talking about animals, we cannot resist directing our gaze to Stéphanie de Monaco’s feet. Ballerinas? No. On the left ankle of the princess there is a dolphin in faded ink. This tattoo, the first of nine made by Stéph ‘over the years, offers us the opportunity to remind us that tattoos were once the prerogative of aristocrats. In the XIXe century, some even went to Japan to be tattooed by a master tattoo artist, as did the future King of England George V, Tsar Nicholas II, or several members of the Danish royal family.

White paw

Finally, the most sober from the family, and from quite a distance, was Caroline of Hanover. Dressed in a Chanel coat and shoes from the same house, she even took care to put on white gloves. Impeccable? Except for one detail, all the same. If it is completely authorized to remove his right glove within the framework of a ceremony, in particular in the prospect of shaking a hand, the protocol indeed provides that the removed glove is strictly held in the left hand. We will blame this oddity on euphoria.

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