“It shocks me”, the mother settles scores with her detractors

Lucile, who has shared Jérôme’s life since her participation in “L’amour est dans le pré” (M6), no longer wants to remain silent in the face of criticism concerning her role as mother, as she affirmed in an Instagram story.

A remark that does not pass. Already the mother of a little girl named Capucine, born in October 2021, Lucile announced on her social networks, in February 2023, that she was expecting her second child. On July 18, the sparkling young woman who met Jérôme, the man of her life, as part of the 14th season ofLove is in the meadow(M6), therefore gave birth to a little boy named Adonis. “Finally you are here”, she tenderly revealed on her social networks, describing a photo of her baby nestled in her arms. But being a mom and an influencer is also expose oneself to criticismand Lucile knows something about it…

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Friday February 23, the wife of the cereal farmer and market gardener based in the East of France revealed to her many subscribers on Instagram an overview of her daily life with two young children. “You will tell me that I did not film you an extraordinary day, but, at the same time, we are a completely normal family”, she indicated by broadcasting simple moments of her everyday life, between moments of complicity with her offspring and housekeeping sessions. A vision which obviously did not please an Internet user, who took the liberty of criticize your lifestyleas our colleagues at Gala reported: “Normal day like everyone else! Not to mention the mothers who also work…

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Lucile deplores the lack of solidarity between women

Touched to the heart by this remark, Lucile decided to break the silence and point the finger a lack of sisterhood on social networks. “But why always compare mothers to each other?! Why not all be supportive and kind to each other? Every mother works or not, at home or not, but that does not define her and it does not define the arduousness of her days”, she lamented in the story. And to add: “It shocks me all the more because it’s always women who write this type of message…

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To conclude her message, the former protégé of Karine Le Marchand called for more mutual support among the fairer sex : “Always these same thoughts of comparisons between housewives and those who go to work outside… It’s so much easier to be kind…

Criticized on her physique, Lucile responds

When she is not judged on her role as a mother, Lucile receives derogatory comments on his physique. Not hesitating to show yourself naturallyon the Web, Jérôme’s wife had decided to respond to negative comments about him last May, while she was spending vacations with her family in Martinique during her second pregnancy . “I don’t usually respond to derogatory and aggressive comments because, deep down, I don’t care. I am happy and fulfilled”, she assured, facing the camera.

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She also took advantage of this clarification to remind women not to let themselves fooled by smoothed imagespolluting social networks and giving rise to complexes among many: “We are bombarded by images of women with transformed bodies and I have always shown myself from the start without filter and with my kilos. Here again I am in agreement with myself, so malice does not reach me.


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