“It should be banned” a doctor warns of the consumption of this food very popular with children

Eating well can seem complicated. Luckily, Dr. Jimmy Mohamed reveals disturbing secrets about a widely consumed food, especially by children. Let’s decipher the label of an ultra-processed product!

junk food, industrial foods, ultra-processed products, so many terms that we hear more and more often and which do not inspire confidence. However, you certainly eat more than you think! Maybe even that you give it to your children with the idea of ​​making them happy while saving time! In any case, this is the new message that Dr Jimmy Mohamed, followed by 1.5 million subscribers on TikTokwanted to pass this week.

Avoid sodas even light sodas, reduce salt and prepared meals, eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, make a regular physical activity, any doctor will tell you that and your body will thank you for it. What if that wasn’t enough? For example, Dr. Jimmy Mohamed deciphers the label of vacuum-packed sausages, which children love. You will be surprised to learn that they only contain 51% meat! So, if you thought you were giving your children a good quality meal, you’ve missed it because it’s mechanically separated meat, in other words, crushed bones and carcass. Still so appetizing?

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A food dangerous to health, rich in glutamate

The doctor goes further by evoking the presence of glutamate, a compound accused of promoting many conditions such as overweight or even obesity, diabetes and certain autoimmune diseases. These explanations even earned him the following ironic comment: “you are officially the public enemy of industrialists”. Certainly true since glutamate, also known as monosodium glutamate (MSG), is a flavor enhancer frequently used in processed foods. Although considered safe by many regulatory agencies, studies have shown its potentially harmful effects on children’s health.

On the label we also distinguish the much criticized nitrites. These preservatives are known to extend the shelf life and improve the color of the ham. However, concerns arise regarding the health effects of these compounds. When nitrites are heated to high temperatures, they can react with certain compounds found in meat to form nitrosamines, potentially carcinogenic substances. Although food safety regulations have reduced the levels of nitrites allowed in food products, it is essential to remain vigilant and monitor the consumption of processed meat by children. As Doctor Jimmy Mohammed reminds us, a roast chicken will feed you better and will even have a beneficial effect on your wallet!

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