It starts at 20 euros: These drones are popular


For some they are a nice gimmick, for others a serious hobby: Drones are a lot of fun and some also provide breathtaking aerial photos. Here is an overview of the models that are currently particularly in demand.

Model airplanes were yesterday. Anyone who wants to get into the air today usually does so with a drone. The so-called quadrocopters or multicopters can be controlled by controller or smartphone and can cover considerable distances and heights. Drones with cameras that record aerial photographs or videos are particularly attractive. Most models are designed for adventures in nature, but many can also be used indoors. Whether beginner or advanced – with the right object and a little practice everyone can turn their loops. The price experts from present ten copters for small and large budgets.

The most popular drone on is currently the DJI Phantom 3 Professional. It is available from 1068 euros at the moment, a bargain price. The Chinese company DJI has almost ten years of experience in building drones, and this is reflected in sophisticated products. The robust camera drone is a good choice for users who want to immortalize their flight adventures with high-quality video material. The Professional version has a camera with a focal length of 20 millimeters and 4K resolution. Testers praise the precise control and the quiet tracking shots, even in wind and fast movements. The ascent speed of the DJI Phantom 3 is a maximum of five meters per second and in horizontal flight it has a maximum speed of up to 16 meters per second. The drone's battery lasts up to 23 minutes.

Sophisticated technology

The little sister of the Professional is the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, at the cheapest dealers it is offered from 805 euros. An HD camera is used in the advanced equipment, which enables smooth video recordings thanks to the 3-axis camera stabilization system. This model is also easy to use and is therefore suitable for beginners. You only need to press a button for take-off and landing. The Lightbridge live image transmission is already installed. A smartphone or tablet can be mounted as a monitor on the standard holder on the transmitter. The DJI app offers additional features such as a picture-in-picture map view or flight route display. Flight speeds of up to 16 meters per second are also possible here. The main differences to the Professional lie in the camera and the approximately 30 minutes longer battery charging time.

The standard model of the DJI Phantom 3 drone is available from 532 euros. With a maximum altitude of 1000 meters and a flight time of up to 25 minutes, videos can be filmed with a 2.7K camera. The integrated HD camera takes photos with up to 12 megapixels. Small downer: The Lightbridge system is not on board here, the transmission of live video recordings is done via a WiFi connection.

Classic from Parrot

If you are first looking for a cheap entry into the world of drones, you might be right with the Rolling Spider from Parrot.The handy mini drone for 50 euros can fly curves and loops, it can steer forwards and backwards and it even rolls the walls over the wheels up and down the ceiling. Everything is captured by the vertical camera at 60 frames per second. The lightweight weighs 55 grams, with wheels it is ten grams more. It is controlled via Bluetooth using a smartphone or tablet. To do this, you have to install the FreeFlight 3 free app. The range is 20 meters and the drone is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

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<p class=Parrot's bebop drones are also suitable for outdoor use.

(Photo: imago / Olaf Wagner)

The Parrot Bebop drone promises not only flying fun, but also breathtaking tracking shots. The testers were impressed by the 12.6 megapixel camera with a controllable 180 degree field of view. She records videos in full HD resolution. The Bebop is built to be robust and safe. In the event of a collision, the system automatically brings the propellers to a standstill and, in an emergency, an immediate landing takes place with the aid of the emergency mode. The flying object offers two dual-band antennas, which can be used to set up your own WiFi network. Otherwise, the drone is also full of technology. Also on board are an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, ultrasonic and pressure sensor. The drone comes into the house for 340 euros.

The luxury version of the Parrot Bebop comes with the Skycontroller remote control. It transmits the smoothly recorded live image directly to the smartphone or tablet. You currently have to invest 627 euros, but you also get a whole bunch of technology here. A reinforced WLAN radio and four antennas ensure a greater range. Particularly attractive: there is the option of connecting FPV (First Person View) glasses such as the Oculus Rift to the Parrot Skycontroller via the HDMI connection. It feels like being there live in the cockpit.

Parrot's AR Drone 2.0 has almost become a classic; the Power Edition has extended battery life to up to 30 minutes. A range of up to 30 meters is possible between the drone and the mobile device. The quadrocopter is easy to control and is stable in the air at wind speeds of up to 15 m / h. Thanks to the autopilot function, even beginners can take off and land easily without any problems. Videos are recorded in HD and are saved in the app so that you can view the pictures on your mobile phone immediately after the flight. On, the drone is currently offered from 232 euros.

Good for beginners

A hot candidate from the entry-level drone category is the Carrera RC Quadrocopter Video One. For 63 euros you can get a quadrocopter with a 6-axis gyro system and a real remote control, which tests have shown to be somewhat imprecise, but otherwise does a good job. Thanks to the beginner and advanced mode, the device is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Anyone who has tried something can perform tricks with the 3D looping function in all directions at the push of a button. On board is a 1.2 megapixel camera with a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels. Of course you shouldn't expect miracles from the Carrera drone, the quality is sufficient for drone selfies, for impressive landscape shots you should invest in a professional drone. The 13 x 13 cm RC quadrocopter can fly for up to 7 minutes.

The Revell Nano Quad measures just 4.5 centimeters in length and width. Thanks to the four main rotors and gyro technology as well as the 4-channel remote control, the mini quadcopter can be precisely steered from a distance of 50 meters. However, beginners have to reckon with a few crash landings before they can control the tiny thing properly. With a weight of 12 grams, outdoor use is only advisable on windless days, but the mini drone can also fully develop its flying skills indoors. The device costs just 21 euros, which should be bearable for most people.

The Horizon Blade QX FPV is recommended for small rooms and beginners. Various modes and SAFE technology ensure that even inexperienced pilots can easily control and experience accident-free flights. Everything is recorded with the ultra-micro camera, which weighs five grams. The drone is very compact, weighs just 22 grams and measures 140 x 40 millimeters. The model currently costs 165 euros.

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