It starts today: Faustine Bollaert amused by the tragicomic anecdote of an ex-amnesiac

Adrien came to deliver a moving testimony on the set of Ca begins today May 16th. One of his anecdotes, however, greatly amused Faustine Bollaert.

The facts date back to April 19, 2019 when Adrien, a 17-year-old young man, woke up in a fire truck. A moment that will change the rest of his life. “I forgot a period of my life, which was suppressed almost entirely. It’s four years of this that I can’t remember“, he first explained on the set of Ca begins today on May 16th. “I woke up in April 2019 and the date of my last memories became blurry so it would be March 2015“, he then specifies. For Adrien, it is his daily life that has taken another turn since, 13 years old in his last memories he was 17 and was in high school when he was found by firefighters. “When I left the hospital, I didn’t go straight away. I went back home, I discovered my room, my style of dress“, he recalled before explaining that his tastes had changed a lot. “I have a pair of shoes on my feet that I found hideous“, he laughs. An anecdote that makes Faustine Bollaert laugh a lot who asks him for details. “These are shoes from a rapper’s brand that I don’t like and I’m going to be surprised when I learn the price of this pair of shoes“, he concludes, still under the laughter of the facilitator.

Facing Faustine Bollaert, Adrien explains that in 2015, he was a 13-year-old teenager. When he wakes up in the fire truck, it’s 2019 and he’s 17. “I was coming home from college and was with concerns of a 13 year old“, he first explained before relating the facts. “In fact, I was found unconscious in a street. The firefighters woke me up on April 19, 2019 in a fire truck. I couldn’t move“, he remembered. A difficult situation for him which will be complicated when he goes to discuss with the firefighters. “When I regain consciousness, they ask me the usual questions but when he asks me the date, I tell him the beginning of March 2015. There is a visible reaction on their faces, they are surprised, which does not reassure me at all“, he confesses. “I start asking them questions and he asks me again for the exact date so I am referring to the Charlie Hebdo attacks of January 2015. They realize there’s a problem“, – he continued before indicating: “In front of them, I have a big beard and I don’t look 13 years old“.

Adrien: how did he react when he saw his relatives?

When he regains consciousness, Adrien is a 17-year-old young man. “I still didn’t understand at first, so I couldn’t make my parents understand what was happening to me.“, he first explained. “For the first few days, the doctors didn’t understand either. My father came to see me, and I said to myself that he had a graying beard, a worried head, but he was zen and calm.“, he continues. As he wonders what is happening to him, Adrien remembered seeing his reflection in a glass display case. “I had a moment of panic. I had a shaved head and a thick beard. It was not me“, he declares before evoking physical changes: “I had a strength that I didn’t understand either, it was very weird. I recognized myself in my head but not in my physique. It was a body that was not mine. I felt like I was teleported“. A complicated situation for the young man, who also learned of the death of his grandparents. “It’s very difficult for me to accept. I don’t remember the mourning or the funeral“, he concluded, upset.


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