“It still bothers me”: Laurent Ruquier cash on what bothers him in his relationship with Hugo Manos

It is difficult for Laurent Ruquier to talk about his relationship with Hugo Manos. In C to you, this Thursday, March 23, he nevertheless opened up and had confided that he was going to make certain efforts.

Laurent Ruquier and Hugo Manos have been living a real romance for a few years now. If the 34-year-old entrepreneur has no trouble talking about his relationship with the presenter Big heads, this is not the case of the latter who is more reserved. Recall that Hugo Manos had formalized his relationship with Laurent Ruquier, 60, on the set of TPMP PeopleFebruary 7, 2022.”Matthieu, you have to look at people magazines. There is written everywhere Laurent Ruquier and his companion Hugo Manos. It’s not really an exclusive. We’ve been living together for 4 years“, he said while answering questions from Matthieu Delormeau.

Note that well before this formalization, Hugo Manos had already sowed several clues about this relationship. Photos and videos on social networks hinted at a more than friendly relationship between the lovebirds. Romantic, Hugo Manos had made a surprise appearance on the set of TV kidson France 2, on February 26. This for Laurent Ruquier’s 60th birthday. Thank you for these five years of happiness, thank you also for being there every day for meHugo Manos said at the time.

Laurent Ruquier: “I am 60 years old and I believe that I can start doing things that I did not do before”

Very modest, Laurent Ruquier hardly ever dwells on his love life. Something he obviously wants to change. On the set of It’s up to youhe had spoken of efforts to Anne-Elisabeh Lemoine. I’m rather modest, as you know, so it always bothers me a little when I spread out, but it’s also true that I make an effort, he said. “I’m 60 and I just feel like I can start doing things I didn’t do before.“, he continued with conviction before concluding with: If I don’t do this now, when will I?.

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