It Takes Two updates 3 years after its release, what’s new?

We still don’t know what develops Hazelight StudiosJosef Fares and his team left us in 2021 with It Takes Two, an excellent cooperative adventure and platform game who won the prize Game of the Year to Game Awards and which has more than 16 million sales. The studio’s future production should be revealed this year (from Summer Game Fest Live next week?), but in the meantime, the developer continues to work on its previous game. Yes, to everyone’s surprise, three years after its launch, It Takes Two has just been updated on Steam. A small 44 MB patch has been released on PC, but what does it add? Well thanks to him, It Takes Two is now Checked for the Steam Deckit can therefore be played without worries on the portable console of Valvegood news for players who are on the move.

But above all, this update allows you to play It Takes Two natively on Steam. Concretely, it is no longer necessary to go through theEA App to start the gameit is now possible to have fun with your friends Steameven if an account EA Games is still required to play online. THE Friend Pass, which allows you to invite someone for free to play for two, is also updating in this direction. here is the changelog complete, as well as an FAQ detailing the changes:

  • It Takes Two is now compatible with the Steam Deck! You can play it anywhere!
  • The EA app launcher is no longer required to play It Takes Two.
  • You must still have an EA Account to connect to EA servers and play online.
  • You can now send game invitations and access your loved ones’ games directly through the Steam Contacts list.
  • People using Friend Pass can install the new Steam version of Friend Pass or continue to use the existing EA Friend Pass app.

Do I need to add my Steam contacts to the EA contact list to invite them to play?

The EA Contacts list is no longer required to play with another person who owns It Takes Two on Steam.
You can now send game invitations directly on Steam to any Steam contact!

EA app keeps running when I launch Friend Pass

The old version of the EA Friend Pass app has been replaced by a new one.
To play with Friend Pass without an EA app, please install the new version of Friend Pass.

If you don’t want to reinstall the game, the old Friend Pass will continue to work with the EA app.
In this case, you will need to use the in-game EA contact list to send EA invitations.
To send or accept invitations through the Steam Contacts List, you need to install the new version of Friend Pass.

Can I still play with a loved one who owns the game on the EA app?

Yes ! When you invite him to play, choose the “EA Friends List” option in the game.
You can then add their EA Account to your EA Contacts list and send them an invitation to play through EA.

Invites sent through EA are only visible when It Takes Two is running.

What happened to EA app cloud saves?

It Takes Two now uses the Steam Cloud for saves.
Games saved on your computer will be automatically sent to the Steam Cloud when the game starts.

Due to technical constraints, saved games previously stored in the EA app cloud are no longer accessible.

For anyone who lost their progress following this update, download this completed backup and copy it to your save data folder.


Launch It Takes Two with this save completed and you can then use the chapter selection menu to continue playing from any point in the game.
Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Do I still need an EA Account?

As before, you must link an EA Account to your Steam account to connect to EA servers and play online.
If you haven’t already done so, select “Online Play” from the main menu to link an EA Account.

It is no longer necessary to have an EA Account to play locally or to use Steam’s Remote Play Together feature.

If you ever missed the game, It Takes Two is available for €39.99 on Amazona single copy allows two people to play thanks to the Friend Pass.

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