“It was fake!” : Giuseppe (Who Wants To Marry My Son?) Unpacks The Truth About His Relationship With Cindy Lopes

It was on the set of the show “Chez Jordan” (C8) that Giuseppe returned to his relationship with the sulphurous Cindy Lopes.

It was time for confidence for Giuseppe. Guest of the show “Chez Jordan” on Wednesday May 24, 2023, the star of “Who wants to marry my son?” agreed to talk about his private life. Faced with the host Jordan de Luxe, he returned to his love affair with Cindy Lopes. “When I did ‘Who wants to marry my son?’ I stuffed myself in the press. When we did ‘Carré Viiip’, because we met there, I used Cindy Lopes to make money. Our story was not credible. I always shouted loud and clear that I like typed and fine brunettes. “ confided Giuseppe. According to him, their ydille was totally “fake”. “We were together for the press. That said, she was very nice. I lived with her for a week, ten days, I brought friends back… Honestly, she cooked with a good heart, Portuguese on top of that.” explained the 52-year-old man.

Note that during her time on the show, Cindy Lopes also confided in this love story. “There is no more animosity towards each other. After six years, it has calmed down a bit. It has settled down!” she said. After their breakup in 2011, she had also spoken and had not really been tender with the beautiful Italian. “This guy is a dangerous madman. He is a very nervous man who cannot control his anger. I am very close to his ex-girlfriend Khadija, and I can confirm that she was subjected to violence physical and psychological (…) The day I told him that I was leaving him, he yelled at me, telling me ‘shut the fuck up or I’ll kill you!’ When he goes out with a woman, Giuseppe considers that she belongs to him, that she is his thing. […] He stalked me for months.” she swayed.

Giuseppe in jail

Moreover, in 2016, he was sentenced to two years in prison, including one year firm for “malicious telephone calls, repeated death threats, harassment and violence” after a complaint filed by his ex Hinda with whom he had a child. . The justice had also sentenced him to 4,000 euros in damages. A stay that he lived rather well. “We’re going to talk to each other frankly, when you come from the Paris region, Mantes-la-Jolie, Les Mureaux, Saint-Denis, Trappes… in Cannes it’s not the same caliber. We don’t have the same thugs. So it was easier for me to adapt”he explained.

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