“It was nothing more than that”: Victoria and David Beckham in the middle of a divorce? She responds to rumors

Thursday October 13, 2022, Victoria Beckham was invited to the set of the Today Show. After her show in Paris, the designer responded to divorce rumors with her husband, David Beckham.

A story that is not ready to stop… In 1997, Victoria and David Beckham met for the first time during a Manchester United match. A year later, the couple got engaged before saying ‘yes’ on July 4, 1999. Very much in love, they then quickly wanted to start a family and had four children: Brooklyn (23 years old), Romeo (20 years old), Cruz (17 years old) and Harper (11 years old). If the couple seems very in love, the stylist had her tattoo of her husband’s initials erased, which was on the inside of her wrist. The sign of an imminent divorce? Thursday, October 13, 2022, on the set of Today Show, Victoria Beckham confided: “I had these tattoos a very long time ago and they weren’t particularly dainty. Mine was just too thick, bleeding a bit, and just didn’t look as pretty anymore. He just wasn’t as handsome anymore. It means nothing more than that.“She added in stride:”The media started speculating, was I leaving my husband? No. I was just a little fed up with the tattoo. It’s as simple as that !

On July 4, 2022, on the occasion of their 23 years of marriage, Victoria Beckham had made a beautiful declaration of love to her husband. On Instagram, she wrote:They say he’s not funny, they say I never smile, they said it wouldn’t last! Today we celebrate 23 years of marriage. David, you are everything to me, I love you so much!!!!“For his part, David Beckham had written:”23 years ago today, Posh became Mrs. Beckham, but she will always be Posh! Happy Birthday ! Wahou 23 years old and 4 beautiful children! I love you, we all love you!“Monday May 2, 2022, on the occasion of the 47th birthday of the ex-footballer, the pretty brunette had shared on Instagram:”I love you so much David, you are the most amazing husband anyone could dream of and I feel deeply blessed. You are my Everything !

Victoria Beckham: ‘I’m lucky to have her as my soul mate’

In love, the young woman had confided in the columns of Allure, in March 2021: “I’m proud to still have a very good sex life with David… I’m the wife of David Beckham, with whom I find myself in bed every night. I would be called a liar if I said I preferred to sleep.“On the set of The View, in 2019, Victoria Beckham had already confided: “David is the most wonderful husband and a fantastic father, a true inspiration to all of us… I’m lucky to have her as a soul mate.“In 2018, for Forbes, she said: “I try to be the best wife and the best businesswoman, when I get home I try to pick up the phone and hang out with the kids and hang out with David.

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