“It was too long so…”: this embarrassing revelation from Amandine Pellissard about her husband

Despite several testimonials to praise the happiness of their new life in the middle of X, the Pellissard family might not ultimately be as harmonious as that. In any case, this is what Alexandre suggested in a recent Instagram story.

New twist for the Pellissard family. Recently reconverted in the middle of the X, Amandine Pellissard and her husband Alexandre do not stop receiving criticism from their former subscribers. It must be said that the life of the former star of the show Large Families has changed enormously since the latter officially assumed her very daring conversion. After having received many naughty proposals through social networks, Amandine saw a possibility sprout… that of converting to adult content.

But despite his desire to get started, Alexandre Pellissard told his wife of his questions around this whole story. At first not very inclined to follow her in this adventure, the latter has finally let himself be convinced for several weeks and even seems to take a liking to it. But many people do not hesitate to point out this new juicy business, which according to them has nothing to do in a home with several young children.

Alexandre Pellissard seems very embarrassed by his nickname: Chabite

Guests on the Touche plateau not at my post this Monday, February 6, the two lovebirds announced that they had done “their first professional shoot”. But if Alexandre Pellissard was cheerful by this news, a recent story of his wife showed him scowling, as if he regretted the turn of events a little bit.

Finally, Amandine Pellissard lifted the veil on the discomfort of her husband, which comes from his nickname: Chabite. A little name that comes straight from a Groland report entitled Chouchounou Boulbite. “I’ve been calling you that for 12 years. The real nickname was too long, so I shortened it”, she explained. Either way, Alexander definitely doesn’t seem to like it.

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