“It will trigger revolts”: Nathalie Arthaud warns of the purchasing power of the French

Melanie Faure
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09:18, April 08, 2022

Nathalie Arthaud pointed to inflation and the decline in French purchasing power. Invited from Europe 1 this Friday, the Lutte Ouvrière candidate for the presidential election called for higher wages and reform of pensions in order to put an end to “impoverishment”.

How much longer will inflation last? For Nathalie Arthaud, the “inflationary spiral” will last “several months, even several years”. The candidate of Lutte Ouvrière in the presidential election is sounding the alarm about the current expenses of the French, undermined: “The inflation which is measured in everyday life, in his shopping cart, at the pump gasoline, it is much higher than that measured by INSEE. That’s the reality.”

Nathalie Arthaud warns of the risks of “revolts”. “There comes a time when it’s too difficult. When you find yourself not knowing how you’re going to fill up to get to work, you reach limits. I think that’s true for anyone who has to from skipping meals, to chasing promotion vouchers. This can only trigger revolts and outbursts of anger.”

“We must not accept to be impoverished”

Nathalie Arthaud wants to carry out three major reforms: the general increase in wages, retirement pensions and their indexation. “We must reconnect with this fundamental demand,” she pleaded. “When you are an employee, you must not accept becoming poorer. We return to what effectively allows us to maintain our purchasing power in the face of this soaring price.”

The professor of human resources in a high school in Aubervilliers calls for an increase in salaries. “Wages must be increased and they must be increased considerably from 300 euros to 500 euros because we are becoming poorer. The employees, the workers, are the only ones who cannot do what many small bosses and businesses can do – pass on their charges to their prices.”

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