"It would be a mess": when Eric Dupond-Moretti was ironic about his political future: Femme Actuelle Le MAG


Acquittator enters the government of Jean Castex. Monday July 6, 2020, the Élysée Palace announced the new ministers resulting from the reshuffle. In addition to Barbara Pompili or Roselyne Bachelot, Éric Dupond-Moretti is one of the big surprises of these announcements. The tenor of the bar is now Keeper of the Seals, who totally refuted this idea barely two years ago. As recalled by our colleagues from Gala, in April 2018, Éric Dupond-Moretti was very clear on this subject. "I am sure to refuse. Do you want me to sign you?", he affirmed bluntly in front of Audrey Crespo-Mara on LCI.

"It would be a mess …"

The lawyer was vindictive at the time: "First, nobody will suggest me and it would be a mess … No one will ever have the preposterous and implausible idea of ​​offering me that. And me, frankly, I will not accept such a thing. It's not my job and I don't have the skills. I would not like to do that ! " It is clear that Eric Dupond-Moretti can quickly change his mind.

"It's a nightmare !"

The companion of Isabelle Boulay is not the only one who spoke a little quickly. Roselyne Bachelot, freshly promoted to the Ministry of Culture, obviously had not planned such an event. In May 2020 on RTL, Pierre Bachelot's mother had reacted to the possibility that she entered government: "My God, what a pity ! Oh no, but wait, it's a nightmare ! ". A frank reaction that left no doubt. And yet. After having stopped politics in 2012, Roselyne Bachelot is now making a comeback with Emmanuel Macron.

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