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The end of year holidays are fast approaching and bring with them their share of expenses. To cope with this, the government is preparing to pay families with the lowest incomes the famous Christmas bonus.

Since 1998, more than 2.5 million French families have benefited from the Christmas bonus each year. This exceptional aid is paid by the CAF, the MSA or the Pôle Emploi and allows the most modest households to spend the end-of-year celebrations more serenely. And for good reason, as we know, at this time of year the expenses are numerous.

For several years, the amount of the Christmas bonus has evolved. But for five years it has neither increased nor decreased. On average, the aid is around 150 euros and varies depending on whether the person lives alone, or with one or more children. In 2020, the amount was 152.45 euros for a single person, 274.41 euros for a couple with one child and 320.14 euros for a couple with two children.

On Tuesday, November 16, two draft decrees relating to the amounts of the 2021 Christmas bonus were sent to the National Commission for Collective Bargaining, Employment and Vocational Training. This year again, the amounts should not change:

  • Single person without children = 152.45 €
  • Single person with 1 child = 228.67 €
  • Single person with 2 children = € 274.40
  • Per additional child = + € 60.98
  • Couple without children = 228.67 €
  • Couple with 1 child = € 274.40
  • Couple with 2 children = 320.14 €
  • Per additional child = + € 60.98

The conditions to benefit from the Christmas bonus:

If you are in one of the following situations in November or December 2021, you are eligible for the Christmas bonus:

  • Beneficiaries of the Active Solidarity Income (RSA)
  • Beneficiaries of the basic RSA and the activity bonus activity bonus if the household resources do not exceed the amount of the basic RSA depending on the composition of the family
  • People receiving ASS (Specific Solidarity Allowance) at an increased rate or not
  • People benefiting from ACCRE (help for business creation) only if you received ASS
  • Beneficiaries of the Transitory Solidarity Premium (the PTS has replaced the transitory solidarity allowance since 2015)
  • Beneficiaries of training remuneration paid by Pôle emploi if it follows a payment of ASS
  • People receiving the Equivalent Retirement Allowance (AER)
  • Beneficiaries of the flat-rate premium for resumption of activity.

Remember that:

The Return to Employment Allowance (AER), the Disabled Adult Allowance (AAH) or even the minimum old age do not allow benefiting from the Christmas bonus.

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If you meet their criteria and wish to receive this bonus, no action is necessary. Payment is automatic and will take place on December 15 for CAF and MSA, and on December 16 for Pôle Emploi.

People benefiting from the RSA for the first time in December 2021 will also receive the Christmas 2021 bonus. However, it will not be paid until the beginning of January 2022.

If you notice that no payment has been made to you when you are eligible for the 2021 Christmas bonus, do not hesitate to contact the organization on which you depend.

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