“It’s an unprecedented social bloodletting”, Manon Aubry calls for a referendum concerning “the European austerity plan”

Sylvain Allemand // Credits: Europe 1

Guest of La Grande interview Europe 1-CNews, LFI MEP, Manon Aubry, requested a referendum on the adoption of the new economic plan currently being discussed by European authorities. “Under the new European laws that will be adopted, we will have to save 24 billion euros per year. We have never had such significant austerity,” she declared.

Manon Aubry calls for a referendum on the “new European austerity plan”. An announcement which comes after the Minister of Economy and Finance announced that the State was going to “make an immediate effort of 10 billion euros in savings”. Guest of La Grande interview Europe 1-CNews, the LFI MEP sees this announcement from Bercy as an “unprecedented social bloodletting”. The head of the list in the next European elections for Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s party goes even further by warning against a future austerity plan being planned by the EU “behind the backs of the French”.

“I want to sound the alarm very solemnly, 10 billion euros is nothing compared to what awaits us. Under the new European laws which are being adopted, it will be 24 billion euros that we will have to save per year,” she said. An economic plan denounced by the elected official who officially proposes the establishment of a referendum on this new “European austerity pact”. “Emmanuel Macron should not be afraid of democracy and he should let the French decide,” she added.

The poorest French people impacted

For Manon Aubry, this plan would have harmful consequences for France, especially in already weakened sectors. “24 billion euros per year is the equivalent of 700,000 nursing positions. That’s what we’re going to ask for when we have people dying on stretchers in our emergency rooms because we don’t have not enough resources?” she asked. According to Manon Aubry, this measure has a negative impact on the social protection of French people “who do not have the means to have good private mutual insurance”. In addition, the rebel underlines that to cover the debt which is weighing down France, the richest would not be called upon enough. “Why would we attack the French who are struggling at the end of the month and not the 20 billion euros earned by Total last year?”, concludes Manon Aubry.

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