“It’s at our expense”: Gabriel: Trump relies on “deal with Putin”

“It’s against us”
Gabriel: Trump relies on a “deal with Putin”

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If Donald Trump becomes president again, it would have serious consequences for Germany and Europe, warns Sigmar Gabriel. In such a future scenario, the air would become thin for Ukraine. However, he does not believe that the USA will leave NATO.

Former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has warned that a possible re-election of Donald Trump as US president would have negative consequences for Ukraine. For Trump, alliances like NATO are not a value in themselves. “Therefore, it is feared that he will withdraw support from Ukraine and rely on a quick ‘deal’ with Putin. This will certainly be to the detriment of Ukraine and to our detriment,” the SPD politician told the digital media company Table Media.

In the event of a second Trump presidency, Gabriel sees difficult times ahead for Germany and Europe. “Trump will not leave NATO because the US Congress would never agree to it,” said the long-time SPD leader, who is now chairman of the Atlantic Bridge.

But Trump would “probably drastically reduce funding and rhetorically question NATO’s promise of assistance,” Gabriel continued: “That would be an invitation to Putin and others. The real danger is not the number of tanks or troops available, but the level of doubt the willingness to stand up for each other.”

Gabriel called on the Germans and Europeans to prepare today for Trump’s possible re-election in November 2024. “For us in Europe and Germany, this means: We have to increase our resilience – not only against powers that are foreign to us, but unfortunately also against our most important partner to date, the USA,” said Gabriel: “Our motto must be: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. (Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst)”

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