it’s better to avoid using the kettle in your hotel room, here’s why

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Be careful, it is better not to use the kettle in your hotel room, and for good reason, some customers do not use it only to heat water.

When you spend the night in a hotel room, you want to regularly take advantage of all the services and products available. While many take samples of soap and shampoo to their homes, others have a little more appealing habits when they rent a room. Indeed, they found an alternative function to the water kettle available in the room! Instead of using it to serve themselves a little tea, they would prefer to put their dirty panties and underpants there to wash them. It all started with a tweet from Australian Guy Yug Blomberg who, while chatting with friends, realized that they were using this despicable method of cleaning. Shocked by this information, he shared this practice on Twitter asking if the followers were numerous in his followers: “Real question: does anyone I know clean their underwear in the kettle when they travel?”

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Can this method be dangerous for hotel guests?

Something to offend the sensitivity of other Internet users, who think twice before using the kettle in a hotel room. “What kind of crazy world do we live in that people wash their underwear in a kettle? It’s official. Boiling water is no longer a safe activity”, “Remind me never to use a hotel kettle again”, could we read in response to his post. As a bonus, followers of this method would certainly be disappointed to learn that not all bacteria are eliminated with this washing method. This is explained by Dr. Heather Hendrickson, lecturer in biomolecular sciences, on the site Gizmodo : “The kettle does not eliminate all micro-organisms, some of which can withstand temperatures above 100 degrees”. Are we to understand that consuming water from this kettle could be dangerous to health? “Microorganisms do not make you sick if eaten. But their presence in certain environments can promote the production of a toxin that can be deadly”says the doctor.

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