It’s Christmas time – Eisenstadt’s Christmas tree has already been set up

There are still two weeks until the first Advent – in Eisenstadt, preparations are already being made for the Advent season. The Christmas tree in the pedestrian zone was set up today.

This year the Christmas tree in the pedestrian zone in Eisenstadt is 12 meters high. This morning the splendid fir tree was set up by the community workers. Donated by Eisenstadt residentsTraditionally, the tree is donated by Eisenstadt residents. This time the fir tree comes from Karoline Guth’s private garden. “With the large Christmas tree and the Christmas lights, Eisenstadt is once again setting a shining example of the Christmas spirit this year,” explains Mayor Thomas Steiner. There are more trees on Oberberg, Kalvarienplatz and in Kleinhöflein.
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