its excellent urban electric bike is moving upmarket, a more affordable VAE is approaching

Iweech is pimping the very first electric bike in its catalog, the 24”S in single speed version and automatic gearbox. A suspension fork or a new front luggage rack are thus available as an option.

Source: Grégoire Huvelin – Frandroid

Iweech is a Marseille brand positioned on urban electric bikes. Its first model, the 24”S, simply won over the editorial staff of Frandroid thanks to its compact format, its explosiveness, its successful software and connected experience and a more than honorable autonomy.

The offer has since been expanded with a version equipped with an automatic transmission. And on the occasion of the ProDays 2023 organized in Paris, the tricolor firm presents a small gaggle of very interesting novelties. To begin with, the 24”S offers several paid options that can considerably improve the experience.

New fork and more handlebar options

A Suntour suspension fork is available as an option for 200 euros. Sold 2950 euros, this version would then climb to 3150 euros with this additional equipment. It is also the Suntour XCR 24 model whose travel has not been specified. This remains a small guarantee of additional comfort for the city.

A new front rack will make its appearance, instead of the current model consisting of an aluminum structure and a wooden board. The latter will thus disappear. We must expect a price at least equal if not higher than the current version sold 90 euros all the same.

Source: Grégoire Huvelin – Frandroid

At the rear, you also have to rely on a MIK luggage rack, capable of supporting a weight of 25 kg. On the handlebar side, three versions will try to meet the maximum need: Sport (flat), Intermediate (raised by 35 mm) and Comfort (raised by 90 mm). This plays on the inclination of your body, and by extension on your driving position.

A brushed aluminum frame

Note that the Iweech 24”S has been the subject of a new edition equipped with a brushed aluminum frame with the most beautiful effect. This model was also exhibited at ProDays. About thirty copies were produced for the occasion: there are only about ten left at the time of writing these lines, tells us a representative of the brand.

In the future, this special edition – sold for 200 euros more – could be produced again in a limited number of copies.

Source: Grégoire Huvelin – Frandroid

Last novelty, and not least, the arrival in the 1st quarter of 2024 of a brand new electric bike which will complete the range. Don’t try to find out his name, he doesn’t have one yet, we are told. The idea behind this frame is to offer a more accessible product, “under 2500 euros“, assures us the brand.

A couple in sharp decline

This will be our entry level“. To pull the price down, Iweech swapped a central motor for a motor placed on the hub of the rear wheel. Also, the upper tube disappears to make way for an imposing monotube that is not the most aesthetic. “But it also makes it easier to get on your bike“, we are told.

All of these adjustments will lower the weight of the bike, which will retain a belt transmission. On the other hand, the power should drop considerably: we are told that a torque of 35 Nm will be on the menu, against 90 Nm on the current models. To see what it will give during a life-size test. Finally, a stop light should also be included.

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