“It’s not looking very good…”: worried, Claire gives news of Louis in Here it all begins

In “Here it all begins”, Claire returns to the Institute after Louis has been placed in pre-trial detention. The boss gives news about her son… and it’s not good at all!

After several weeks away from the Institute in Here it all begins, Claire signs her return. Alas, the comeback of the chef played by Catherine Marchal does not rhyme with joy… In an excerpt revealed in advance by TF1 (the channel broadcasts the series from Monday to Friday from 6:30 p.m.), it’s even downright depressing!

Claire returns to the Institute

In recent months, the professor at the prestigious cooking school has gone through a very difficult phase in her existence. In fact, Claire lost all self-confidence and suffered a terrible burnout.

But that’s not all because she then saw Louis (Fabian Wolfrom), her son, go behind bars after he confessed to having poisoned Auguste Armand, his biological father!

Moreover, as soon as Claire enters the castle grounds, her companion Olivia (Virginie Caliari) rushes to meet her to ask her for news of the young man. Unfortunately, the latest information about Louis is not good… The judge wants to indict him for murder!

The notion of premeditation is retained because Louis did not poison his absent father once but several times… Thus, the latter must remain in pre-trial detention to the great despair of Claire. She confides to her partner her feeling of helplessness in the face of this dramatic situation involving her child.

Louis suspected of assassination

Olivia recommends that he remain patient because everything is now in the hands of their lawyer and Justice. Claire knows this but admits that it is difficult for her not to completely break down in these circumstances…

The vegan chef understands her and tries to focus Claire’s attention on something else: the start of the school year and the students. She later teaches third years and is already planning to supervise a master’s student as part of her study project… But will that be enough to make her forget all her misfortunes? To be continued in Here it all begins.

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