“It’s not our war!”: In a letter to Scholz, craftsmen call for a freeze on sanctions

“It’s not our war!”
Craftsmen call for a sanction stop in a letter to Scholz

Craftsmen from Saxony-Anhalt addressed the chancellor directly in an open letter. They call for an end to sanctions against Russia and write about concerns about Germany’s future. “Do you really want to sacrifice your country?” ask the signatories – and criticize corruption in Ukraine.

The Halle-Saalekreis district trade association in Saxony-Anhalt has called on Chancellor Olaf Scholz to stop all sanctions against Russia. In an open letter, which is available to the editorial network Germany, the craftsmen also call for negotiations to end the war against Ukraine.

“We as craftsmen know from many conversations with our customers that the vast majority is not willing to sacrifice their hard-earned standard of living for Ukraine. It’s not our war either!” It says, and: “Do you want to be the chancellor , who ruined Germany. Do you really want to sacrifice your country?”

The district trade association criticized Russia’s attack on Ukraine as a serious crime and “a clear violation of Article 2 of the UN Charter”. However, they are “worried about the future of our children and grandchildren, worried about the continued existence of our companies, worried about our country”.

In addition, one cannot speak of a flawless democratic state in Ukraine. The craftsmen refer to a publication by Transparency International, in which the country took 122nd place in corruption in 2021 – no other European country did worse. “And you want to put Germany at risk for that?” criticize the 16 signatories from all guilds.

If prices continue to rise, the “average earner” will soon no longer be able to pay for his living. Then even normal, necessary manual work would become unaffordable, which in turn would lead to layoffs and the closure of companies.

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