it’s not too late to correct your tax return

You have just read your tax notice and, while reading it, you notice that you forgot to declare a deductible expense, an expense giving rise to the right to a credit or a tax reduction, or to exercise an option which Would have enabled you to pay less taxes (attachment of a child of full age, option for the reduced deduction of 7.5% in the event of capital withdrawal from a popular retirement savings plan)? It is not too late to ask for them to be taken into account.

You have until December 31, 2023 to file a claim. You can do this online from the secure messaging system in your personal space on the tax administration website, or by mail addressed to your tax office.

But, if you’ve reported your income online, it gets even easier and more efficient. You can modify your declaration directly on the screen using the online correction service. This service has been open since August 4 and will remain open until mid-December. It is accessible from your personal space on But only from a computer. You cannot access it with a smartphone or tablet.

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What can you correct? Almost all of the information relating to your income, your expenses and / or dependents. You can change the amount of your declared income – salaries, property income, professional profits, etc. – if you notice that the amount you have declared is incorrect, report the payment of alimony or a donation to an organization. general interest or even declare the employment of an employee at home if you failed to do so when filing your declaration.

No proof

You can even correct the section relating to the television license, as well as the elements relating to the tax on real estate wealth (IFI) if you are liable for this tax. You do not have to send any document to justify your correction. But keep the supporting documents well in case the tax service asks you for them.

On the other hand, you cannot correct, using this service, information relating to your marital status, your address, your family situation (marriage, divorce, etc.), or your bank details.

At the end of the process, a confirmation email will be sent to you. You will then receive a corrective tax notice which will take into account the corrections made with the amount of tax and the resulting withholding tax rate.

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