“It’s not up to now”: Habeck doesn’t want to talk about running for chancellor now

“Don’t wait now”
Habeck doesn’t want to talk about running for chancellor now

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There is obviously reason for clarification from the Greens. After reports that Baerbock would give way to her party colleague Habeck in the 2025 candidacy for chancellor, the Vice Chancellor intervened. The question is not the issue now, he says.

Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck has warned the Greens against premature discussions about a possible candidacy for chancellor. “We will decide everything at the right time, this debate is not an issue now,” the Economics Minister told the newspapers of the Funke media group. “Germany and Europe are facing the great challenge of asserting themselves in a crisis-ridden world, both economically and in terms of security policy.” Recently there were reports that the next candidacy for chancellor would be Habeck. In 2021, the then party leader and current Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock ran for the Greens.

Baerbock and he are “doing everything in the federal government to work for the security and freedom of our republic,” said Habeck. “Our concrete actions, our daily work, are derived from this. What is certainly not part of it is circling around ourselves.” Habeck praised Baerbock. As Foreign Minister, she is on constant assignment, traveling from crisis to crisis, conducting shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East and working to support Ukraine. “She works with foresight and strengthens Germany’s role in the world,” he emphasized.

Habeck: Traffic lights will not end prematurely

At the same time, the Economics Minister referred to his own role. All his energy is focused on “what I have to do as Vice Chancellor and Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection,” he emphasized. “That is my understanding of the office.” Habeck made it clear that he does not expect the traffic light coalition to break up prematurely. When asked whether the current federal government would still be in office in a year, the Vice Chancellor said: “Yes.” A new Bundestag will normally be elected in autumn 2025.

At the beginning of April it was said that the Green party leadership had already agreed on a candidate for chancellor, Habeck. It was his turn because Baerbock competed in 2021 and lost. Officially, however, it is said that the members should decide in a primary election. But that would only happen if there are multiple candidates. According to reports, Baerbock wants to let Habeck go first.

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