“It’s often very manly, him and me”: Caroline Roux reveals which politician she prefers to interview

Caroline Roux will present several exceptional bonuses of C in the air for the presidential election. On the set of Day-to-day, she agreed to say which was the politician she preferred to interview.

Caroline Roux conducts daily interviews with four truths in the morning of France 2. She also deciphers the news in C in the air daily on France 5. A program favored by Fabrice Luchini, who has been full of praise for it, and who recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary in It’s up to you. His speakers had taken the opportunity to reveal the bets and other nonsense that they happened to do on the air. The journalist will also present a series of four exceptional bonuses with the candidates for the presidential election. His first guest will be Eric Zemmour, on January 23. Caroline Roux was the guest of Day-to-day to discuss this news.

“Ilike this requirement”

Yann Barthès asked him who was the easiest politician to interview, “the most efficient”, according to her. “The one who has something to say“, she replied tit for tat. But the host of course asked him to give a name. “The one with whom I like interviews is Jean-Luc Mélenchon, because it’s tight balls at the top of the net. And above all, he does not forgive edge errors. So I like this requirement- It’s often very manly, him and me, but I don’t mind it”, she found after reflection. The leader of France Insoumise and the journalist actually had a few passes of arms in the 4 truths, including one recently on the government’s balance sheet.

Caroline Roux kicks in touch when asked who she likes least to interview

In the same vein, Yann Barthès asked his guest who was the political personality with whom she liked the least to exchange. But the journalist made, this time, a more polished answer. “I found that…”, she began. Before changing your mind: “In fact, the least interesting is the one who has nothing to say”. “There are a few that we have seen pass. They came in the morning. They hadn’t prepared anything. They arrived a little flower in the rifle. They hadn’t necessarily read the press. There was a side ‘I come because the campaign is being done on TV. For me, sometimes it’s a waste of time“, she explained. And Caroline Roux does not hesitate to point this out to her off-air guests.

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