it’s the end for this series loved by subscribers

Sex Education isn’t the only hit Netflix show ending. One of the biggest hits, which briefly dethroned Stranger Things 4, announces its end.

All good things come to an end and we are increasingly witnessing the farewells of a certain number of Netflix series which are reaching the end of their run. Which is already good to the extent that others don’t even have the opportunity to have a conclusion or sometimes even a season 2. Get ready, the SVOD giant has announced the cessation of a show television yet still very popular.

This big hit Netflix series says goodbye

In September, Netflix put an end to Sex Education and it’s not a big loss given the very low quality of this season 4. A failure on almost every level, while the series served as a showcase for the service. Next year or in 2025 – it all depends on the progress of production after the writers’ and actors’ strike – the Hawkins gang will also say goodbye in Stranger Things season 5. Proof that even if success is there , everything can stop at one point or another.

And it is through a video that Netflix also reveals a release window for season 4 of Umbrella Academy. A series which made the heyday of the firm with the red N, but which will end in 2024. ” Happy birthday ! The Umbrella Academy final season is coming in 2024 » indicates a post

A way to celebrate the birth of superheroes and mark the end of the Netflix series, without saying more. No information on a specific date or even on the synopsis. However, we already know that nothing will ever be the same again for these colorful characters since the final episode of season 3 which turned everything upside down.

A date for season 4 of Umbrella Academy, and then it’s over!

After its debut in 2019 on Netflix, the Umbrella Academy series adapted from the eponymous comic book will bow out. An epilogue which will be the shortest season ever seen with only 6 episodes, compared to 10 until now. But as is often the case in these cases, it is possible that the duration of each episode will be extended to avoid rushing things. When the renewal for a season 4 was announced, showrunner Steve Blackman spoke.

“I am very happy that the very loyal fans of Umbrella Academy will be able to experience the end of the journey of the Hargreeves siblings that began five years ago. But before we reach that conclusion, we have an incredible story for season 4. One that will keep fans in suspense until the very last minutes.” (via What’s On Netflix).

Spoiler alert!!!!

Epic goodbyes? This is what fans are waiting for after the end of season 3. In the final moments, Netflix subscribers indeed witnessed Allison resetting the universe to return to her family. And fortunately, his plan worked but had a huge consequence. The rest of the tribe has lost their powers, which risks influencing the entire plot of season 4. If Umbrella Academy is not the biggest success of the red N platform, it still holds a record. For a few days, it dislodged Stranger Things 4 from first place for the most watched series.

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