It’s the end of the red stamp: you can send an electronic letter instead

Stephane Ficca

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December 29, 2022 at 12:30 p.m.


Victim of e-mails and other SMS, the famous red stamp will disappear in the coming days.

Remember that the red stamp is the one reserved for sending priority letters.

La Poste signs the end of the red stamp

Last September, La Poste formalized the imminent disappearance of the famous red stamp. Also, the latter will no longer be marketed from 1er January 2023.

La Poste Red Stamp © © La Poste / Twitter

© Post / Twitter

Do not panic however, it will still be possible to use the red stamps already in your possession in 2023. The La Poste group specifies however that mail franked with red stamps will simply be distributed in 3 days, against one currently.

What are the alternatives ?

To justify the disappearance of the red stamp, La Poste explains that “ the use of the priority letter tends to disappear, replaced by electronic communications such as e-mail and SMS “. It will nevertheless still be possible to take advantage of a shipment on D+1, but with a so-called “hybrid” service.

To do this, you will have to go directly to and type in a dematerialized letter or use one of the pre-written templates via the e-letter service. The letters are then printed by La Poste, near their destination, before being delivered directly by the postman the following day.

La Poste © Alexandre Boero for Clubic

© Alexandre Boero for Clubic

And the green stamp, in all this? If the red stamp disappears, the green stamp remains, but mail franked with the latter will now be sent in 3 days, against 2 currently. Finally, the ” beautiful stamps will not be deleted either. However, the gray stamp (Écopli) will disappear.

You will have understood it, the stamp does not disappear. There will be 3 postage to meet customer needs: a dematerialized shipment with the Online Letter (or red e-letter), the green stamp and the turquoise stamp (Lettre Services Plus) “says La Poste.

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