It’s World Orgasm Day and, oh yes!

December 21 is the shortest day of the year, when the Sun, hidden behind a beautiful layer of gray clouds, eclipses the earliest. So seen in this way, it is not surprising that some have chosen this date to make it World Orgasm Day and to warm up under the sheets. The event was proposed in 2006 by two American pacifists from the Global Orgasm for Peace association.

The creators of this day are indeed persuaded “that a high number of positive thoughts related to near-simultaneous sexual pleasure can alter the Earth’s energy field and accordingly reduce the dangerous levels of current aggression and violence”. And even if this justification has every reason to worry Miviludes, the initiative remains commendable for breaking certain taboos.

In this regard, the drafting of Digital has shaken up its editorial line. Between the tests of smartphones, televisions or coffee makers, sex toys now find their full and rightful place. We have launched a comparison of clitoral stimulators and started testing these everyday products. A stimulating adventure for journalists from the Digital and which will, we hope, particularly please our readers. Especially today…

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