Ivacy VPN at -90% (0.90€ / month!) to see the entire Netflix/Disney+ catalog

If you are looking for a VPN, Ivacy is there for you and will allow you to browse discreetly and enjoy lots of advantages for an exceptional price.

Having become a must-have over the years, the VPN is now an extremely useful tool for a more secure use of your internet connection. In particular, it allows you to change your IP address and therefore change your location. Very useful therefore to have access to the catalogs of streaming platforms without any limits.

VPNs are very numerous on the market today, but only offers like those of Ivacy VPN manage to seduce thanks in particular to very large reductions in 90% on its 5-year subscription. It’s very simple, just 0.90€ / month it is clearly the most interesting offer at the moment. Be careful though, the offer is limited in time.

Ivacy VPN allows you to enjoy platform catalogs without limits

With its more than 5700 servers, you can enjoy more than 100 different locations. For example, Ivacy VPN unblocks 7 major Netflix regions: United States, France, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Canada. It also works on other platforms like Disney+. So, with a simple click you can locate yourselffor example in Japan and enjoy the entire catalog of Japanese Netflix. Plus Ivacy is the fastest VPN as you can see from the various tests.

Access to the Japanese Netflix catalog in a single click
Access to the Netflix US catalog

Ivacy VPN protects your data

With Ivacy, you will benefit from 256-bit AES encryption offering several security protocols, no logs of your activities will be kept and you also have good protection against malware. This protection is activated when you connect to an optimized “Secure Download” server. Your P2P downloads will even be scanned by the software to ensure your security. Yes, Ivacy thinks of everything.

Another advantage: When you use public wi-fi, your data is not safe. And that’s where Ivacy VPN can come in. Indeed, with this system you use a “private tunnel” which encrypts all your data passing through the network. This will prevent cybercriminals from intercepting your data.

A safe connection

To make your life easier, Ivacy VPN also offers a “Split Tunneling” (split tunnel) which simply allows you to select the applications that will or will not use the VPN. This allows, for example, to pass torrents through a secure tunnel and use the rest outside of it. In fact with Ivacy you are the absolute master of your data.

The Split Tunneling System

Ivacy VPN, simple and practical use

Subscription to Ivacy VPN allows simultaneous use of the software on 10 devices at the same time. It should also be noted in passing that Ivacy is available on a very large number of media: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Android Smart TV, Amazon Fire Tv Stick… The objective is to make use extremely simple, regardless of your age. Because protecting your data shouldn’t depend on your computer knowledge.

In short, the Ivacy VPN offer is:

  • An unbeatable offer at less than 90% or 0.90 euros per month
  • The fastest VPN on the market
  • 5700 servers to enjoy more than 100 different locations
  • The possibility of watching Netflix, Disney + or any other streaming platform without territorial limit. Watching the American catalog in France has never been so easy
  • Simple and easy to use

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