Ivanka Trump: Her white outfits are a political calculation


Since the beginning of June, Ivanka Trump has been wearing almost exclusively white on official occasions. What's behind it?

Fashion is a statement and the color of the outfit can also convey a message. President daughter Ivanka Trump (38) also knows about this effect. Since June the entrepreneur has been seen almost exclusively in innocent white. Most recently, the First Daughter caused a stir with a Twitter photo. On it: Ivanka like her advertises beans in a white blouse. The problem: According to an ethics law, executive employees – Ivanka is an advisor to her father Donald Trump (74) – are not allowed to use their position or title in the US to "support a product, service or company".

Shortly afterwards, Ivanka had invited Trump to a round table in the White House. During this event, she presented her advertising campaign aimed at the unemployed in times of the Corona crisis. For this she wore – naturally – a white, high-necked funnel-neck dress and a white mask. Many suspect the reason for the bright ensemble in the corona crisis, which hit the USA particularly hard.

A few days later, she was seen in Washington distributing food in a white shirt. White has always stood for purity and cleanliness, two things that should be shown increasingly in times of the pandemic – especially among leaders. But even outside of corona, the color does not lack its effect.

Fashion as a political statement

White clothing is often a strategically placed statement for women politicians. Hillary Clinton wore white the night she accepted the official Democratic nomination and the third and last presidential debate with Donald Trump. He gave his speech on the state of the nation in Congress in February 2019. He mentioned that there are more women in Congress than ever before.

Many rose at these words Democrats dressed in white and cheered. In doing so, they wanted to set an example for feminism; white has been a symbol of the suffragette movement since the beginning of the 20th century, which campaigned for women's suffrage around 1920. By the way: Donald Trump's opponent Nancy Pelosi (80) also appeared in white during the speech on the state of the nation.