iX workshop: Elastic Stack – analyze and visualize company data

The Elastic Stack (also: ELK Stack) tool collection is suitable for a variety of applications – from logging and monitoring of complex IT environments to complex data analysis. The stack consists of various tools, each specialized for a specific task: Beats collects data from a wide variety of sources. Logstash aggregates the collected data and prepares it for further processing. As a distributed document-based database and search engine, Elasticsearch stores the data, which can then be clearly displayed with the Kibana visualization tool.

The online workshop Elastic Stack Fundamentals introduces the productive use of the tools and their interaction over three days. You will install and configure all parts of the Elastic Stack and learn from practical examples what is possible with it. Best practices show how to use the software efficiently in your own company. The speaker Christian Rost works as a consultant and trainer with a focus on high-availability container environments, Elastic Stack, ownCloud and configuration management for B1 Systems.

The workshop is aimed at experienced system administrators and is limited to 15 participants to leave enough space for the exchange of experiences and your own questions. There are still places available for this intensive training course on the Elastic Stack on February 15-17, 2022. The course takes place via browser in the learning and practice environment of B1, so you can participate comfortably from your own desk.

If February does not suit you, you can opt for another training date in May, September and November. A booking for this is already possible and also grants you a 10% early booking discount.

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