“Jacques is the hereditary prince but…”: Albert of Monaco confides as rarely on the future of his twins

Albert of Monaco gave an unpublished interview to Monaco-Matin on the occasion of the Monegasque national holiday. For the occasion, he returned to the future envisaged for his twins.

  • The Monegasque royal family attended the National Day celebrations on Saturday 19 November.
  • Prince Albert II of Monaco confided in the future of his twins, Jacques and Gabriella.
  • He also addressed the fusional relationship between the two children.

On Saturday November 19, the Principality of Monaco gathered to attend the national day celebrations. For the occasion, Prince Albert II appeared particularly united with his wife, Charlene of Monaco. And if the latter attracted attention by her presence, when she was absent last yearher twins Jacques and Gabriella stood in the foreground.

The two eight-year-olds looked very stylish for the occasion. Indeed, Gabriella was wearing a small black hat and dressed in a beautiful red coat, in reference to the official color of the principality. For his part, Crown Prince Jacques wore the uniform of the Prince’s Carabinieri. An important outfit to match her father’s.

Prince Albert II considers the future of his twins

In an unpublished interview with Monaco-Morning, Prince Albert II confided in his two children as rarely. Indeed, he explained that he was very proud of their development and education. “With Princess Charlene, we try to inculcate in our two children the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat seem essential to us. They are going to be 8 years old, they are still young, but progressing a lot in terms of maturity and awakening to the world. It’s amazing for any parent to see their children grow up” he revealed.

If Prince Jacques will replace him one day at the head of the principality, the son of Grace Kelly does not forget his daughter either. “Of course Jacques must be trained and gradually prepared for his future functions. But Gabriella will also have a role to play, she must be as seasoned as possible to help her brother.” he explained about the future of young Gabriella.

Jacques and Gabriella share a close relationship

While he was born minutes after his sister, Prince Jacques became the Crown Prince due to male primogeniture enshrined in the Monegasque constitution. This rule therefore allowed him to pass in front of his sister and aunt Princess Caroline, in the order of succession. However, Gabriella should become his main support in the future.

Indeed, Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Charlene hope that their children will remain united and will be able to rely on each other in the future. “Jacques is the hereditary prince, but Gabriella has an important role to play supporting and sharing some responsibilities. They are already very close, very accomplices. We must not make too much differentiation for the moment, it will come in small steps” confided the brother of Princess Stephanie. A beautiful way to imagine the future of the twinswho should have more responsibilities in the coming years.

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