Jail sentence – arson attack on brothel over drug debt

A drug addict from Salzburg (32) admitted to setting things on fire. According to his confession, he did it on behalf of his then-boyfriend. Both were given long prison sentences in the Salzburg regional court on Tuesday.

Two locals with extensive criminal experience are led into hearing room 204 of the regional court on Tuesday by four correctional officers. The handcuffs come off for the criminal trial. It’s about attempted arson. Zündler (32), who has already been convicted eight times and has a massive drug problem, confesses: On July 14th, he carried out an arson attack on a sauna club in the Gnigl ​​district of Salzburg. “The reason for the whole story was a woman, a prostitute.” The court followed up with a confession and found them both guilty. The co-defendant from Salzburg (34) had fallen in love with her. But after an argument with the local manager, he was no longer allowed into the establishment. And he apparently no longer wanted his beloved to work there either. That’s why the 34-year-old is said to have said: “Take two petrol cans and light them.” And in return he was forgiven 6,000 euros in drug debt, says the 32-year-old. “My intention was to pay off my drug debt and to erase his heartbreak.” But that’s exactly what the 34-year-old vehemently denies: The 32-year-old probably just made up the whole story while high on drugs. “I have no other motive,” replies the alleged Zündler: he himself was never a customer there. And he only blamed his boyfriend at the time because he had let him down with the matter: “I don’t want to serve this alone.” After hearing several witnesses, the jury followed the confession and found both defendants guilty of attempted arson. The confessed Zündler is sentenced to three and a half years of unconditional imprisonment – he accepts the sentence. The co-defendant, who relapses, receives five years of unconditional imprisonment – not legally binding.
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