Jalil Lespert: in love, he very quickly introduced his daughter to Laeticia Hallyday: Current Woman The MAG

It was more than a meeting between them: love at first sight. While Laeticia Hallyday was still shattered by the disappearance of her late husband, Johnny, and that Jalil Lespert was devastated by his recent separation from his ex Sonia Rolland, the mother of his third child, they were finally able to find love and comfort in each other's arms. Since mid-October, they are a happy couple, who is not afraid to be talked about and to cry out his love in broad daylight on social media. Between Paris, Saint-Barth and Los Angeles, they manage against all odds to find moments together. The last confinement, they even spent it together, in Marnes-la-Coquette! A period during which they were able to strengthen their love, but also meet their respective children. Thus, the 44-year-old actor and director has got to meet Jade and Joy – but that's not why the eldest approves this relationship … For his part, the filmmaker also introduced Laeticia to her own children ! Among them, his youngest, Kahina (10 years old), whose mother, Sonia Rolland, also approves this story … and has said a little more about this meeting in Gala, February 25, 2021.

A blended family: "A challenge"

Thus, Miss France 2000 confided her feelings on this new story that her ex is going through, and especially on the speed at which this relationship is advancing: "Jalil introduced (Laeticia) very quickly. Even if he needs time to adapt, like all children his age, Kahina is a smart and open little girl"said the actress, who was recently seen in season 2 of Criminal Tropics. "I have taken care since the birth of my daughters that they do not have a public life, because they did not choose it. We have a daily life that is most normal", she adds. If she is aware of the challenge, she totally trusts her ex-spouse:"The blended family is always a challenge. But I trust Jalil to maintain the special bond he has with his daughter. "You should know that in addition to little Kahina, Jalil Lespert has two other children, Aliosha and Gena, born of his union with Bérangère Allaux, who also met Laeticia. We can only wish them that all goes well!

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