James Corden: He’s going to star in a new comedy series

James Corden
He takes on the lead role in a new comedy series

James Corden stars in the new comedy series from Amazon Prime.

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A new comedy series from Amazon Prime called “Mammals” takes a humorous look at the marriage of James Corden and Sally Hawkins in the leading roles.

Amazon Prime has given the go-ahead for the British comedy-drama series “Mammals”. The six-part series by Jez Butterworth (52) is about “the magic of a good marriage and the bond that two people form under 8 billion people”. Details about the plot are still top secret, however.

Opposite “Deadline” Butterworth formulated his idea: “In a world of eight billion you have found someone who understands you, who ignites your body and soul. Who makes you grow and prosper. Who gives you the spark and confidence to become you. You will never be with anyone other sex and then you will die and be dead forever. “

Cast promises a lot

“Mammals” means mammals. The main roles are played by James Corden (42) and Sally Hawkins (45). Stars like Melia Kreiling (30), Colin Morgan (35) and Henry Lloyd-Hughes (35) are also part of the party. Filming will begin this month and will be directed by Stephanie Laing. Butterworth is best known for his work on the “Specter” script, as a co-creator of “Britannia” and as a co-writer on the new “Indiana Jones” film.