James Denton, the actor, says he is relieved by his elimination from Dancing with the Stars: Current Woman Le MAG

It was quite an adventure for James Denton. The actor was not even able to participate in the first two bonuses because an injury sustained during rehearsals. He then brilliantly continued the weeks on the floor of Dance with the stars, but the quarter-finals got the better of him. In fact, this bonus caused two candidates to leave at the end of the show. He was therefore eliminated alongside Black M. So, at the time of the results and leaving the floor, he spoke with emotion to Camille Combal’s microphone about his adventure. “It was really humbling, everyone was great to me. It was a lot of fun. […]. I didn’t want to leave, obviously, but I’m delighted for everyone who is still here. Thank you for everything, really…” although the actor was particularly followed because of his muscle tear, dancing was still particularly difficult for him.

“I don’t know if my body could have endured another week”

It must be said that the physical appearance of the candidates is put to the test during this adventure. The days of rehearsals come one after another, and they train tirelessly, until the last minute before the prime. “I don’t know if my body could have endured another week”confided James Denton, before thanking Candice Pascal. “I can’t leave without thanking Candice. She created each routine around my infirmities, my injuries…It was really great to work with her, I loved all the choreographies. I would like to thank all the dancers. Everyone was really nice, very supportive.” “You see, James, that’s why I’ve been doing this show for thirteen years now: it’s for human encounters like you. Thank you again, I want to keep you deep in my heart. I love you, more in the next episode”, the dancer replied in turn. A beautiful friendship seems to have been born between the two, and that is also the magic of dance.

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