James Gunn Tells Us More About How Future DC Games Will Connect To The DCU Universe

the universe DC Comics on the small and big screen is about to be completely turned upside down with the establishment of the new DCU, a new cinematographic universe which starts again on more solid bases, with a plan concocted by the director james gunn and the producer Peter Safran. The first phase of this plan was announced yesterday with five films and five series already in preparation, but we know that some DC games will also be linked to this universe. James Gunn tells us today how.

Games that expand the universe rather than adapt the movies

The two co-CEOs of the DCU returned to the shared universe that they are trying to set up through all the media at their disposal. Video games will have a place in the DCU, as we already knew, but Gunn clarifies his thoughts here via the official DC website:

It’s not like we’re going to release the Superman movie and release a Superman game at the same time. It’s more like we release the Superman movie first and then maybe two years later we have the Supergirl movie coming out. So what’s the story between the two? Is there a Krypto game we can play that falls between them? Something that still takes place in the world with these characters, but has its own story. We want to give the games the importance they deserve. »

So don’t expect old-school adaptations of upcoming movies (and thankfully), but to games that would expand this universe with new stories. An ambitious measure although difficult to put in place: the studios will have to respect a whole canon and will not have complete creative freedom, in addition to having to use certain actors and actresses as voice actors. Which will not be easy because of the busy schedule that these stars may have, nor a guarantee of quality (all good actors and actresses are not necessarily good dubbers).

However, it should be made clear that all future DC games will not have to respect these specifications. Gunn reiterated his desire to develop the “Elseworld” part of DC, i.e. other universes that would not conflict with the DCUlike the movie The Batman or the one about the Joker. It will be the same for the games, and we will see it as soon as Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League or the next game wonder womanwhich will have nothing to do with the DCU.

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