James Mangold: That's why he's the perfect director for "Indiana Jones 5"

Steven Spielberg (73) directed the first four parts of the "Indiana Jones" series. As became known a few weeks ago, Spielberg will no longer do this job in the coming fifth part. Director colleague James Mangold (56, "Walk the Line") is to step in. In conversation with the US portal "Collider", producer Frank Marshall (73) now explains why Mangold is the perfect choice in his opinion.

"Love for the franchise"

Above all, "his love for the franchise stands," explains Marshall. Mangold was "a wonderful filmmaker. I think he also has a relationship with Harrison." Of course, this means Hollywood star Harrison Ford (77), who has been the main character and archaeologist "Indy" since the first part. Just the right pieces of the puzzle would have found each other at the right time. Spielberg is said to remain on board at least as a co-producer.

Work on the new adventure doesn't seem to be very advanced yet. So you just started writing the script. According to the report, it can therefore be assumed that it will still take a while for production to start properly. "Indiana Jones 5" is expected to be released in 2022.