Jamie Lee Curtis: With this costume she reminds of “Psycho” star Janet Leigh

Jamie Lee Curtis
With this costume she is reminiscent of “Psycho” star Janet Leigh

Jamie Lee Curtis at the “Halloween Kills” premiere (left) and Janet Leigh in the film “Psycho”.

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Jamie Lee Curtis appeared at the premiere of “Halloween Kills” with styling reminiscent of her mother, Janet Leigh in the movie “Psycho”.

Jamie Lee Curtis (62, “Halloween”) wowed the audience with a tribute to her famous mother, Janet Leigh (1927-2004), at the premiere of her current film “Halloween Kills” (theatrical release: October 21). The actress wore styling that was reminiscent of Leigh’s legendary character Marion Crane from the Hitchcock classic “Psycho” (1960).

Curtis wore a blue dress and a blonde wig. The highlight of the outfit was the bloody shower curtain. The iconic shower scene in which Marion Crane is stabbed to death by Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins, 1932-1992) went down in film history.

Lots of costumes on the red carpet

Many more costumes appeared on the red carpet for Halloween Kills in Los Angeles, California. Producer Jason Blum (52) had dressed up as Curtis’ “Halloween” character Laurie Strode. Actress Judy Greer (46), who plays Curtis’ daughter Karen in “Halloween Kills”, came as the main character “Annie Hall” from Woody Allen’s (85) film “Der Stadtneurotiker” (1977).

Jamie Lee Curtis is from Janet Leigh’s third marriage (1951-1962) to Hollywood star Tony Curtis (1925-2010).


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