Jamie Oliver’s wife, Jools, wants baby number 6 through artificial insemination

Jamie Oliver
His wife would like to be a mother again at the age of 46

Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools Oliver with their five children

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Jamie Oliver’s wife, Jools, has another child. The mother of five announced this in a podcast.

For Jamie Oliver, 46, and especially his wife Jools Oliver, 46, trying to have children is not an easy topic. The couple suffered five miscarriages. In the podcast of the charity “Saying Goodbye”, which is dedicated to the topic of support after miscarriages, the TV chef’s wife spoke openly about her experiences and at the same time revealed that even after five children, her wish for another baby is still very great .

Jamie Oliver: Wife Jools nearly died in a miscarriage

The Oliver family’s last miscarriage was only a few months ago. In the previous lockdown, the couple mourned their unborn child. A difficult situation that Jools found difficult to cope with. “Once you’ve had these miscarriages, you always think that this baby is meant to be born and that you have to keep trying,” said the 46-year-old.

The desire for a new pregnancy is great. And that although the fear of another miscarriage is always lurking in the back of the mother’s mind. After all, some of them were dramatic. Jools reveals that she almost died herself in the second loss because she lost an enormous amount of blood. The quick drive to the hospital was life-saving.

Jools Oliver: “I don’t want to force it”

In her mid-40s, the model is aware that another pregnancy can naturally be more difficult and that the course can also be complicated. That is why she is considering artificial insemination. “That seems like the right option at my age.” And although she speaks so openly about it, one point has not yet been clarified: Jools himself does not know how her husband feels about a sixth child and artificial insemination. “I don’t want to force it, I’m so lucky.”

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