Jan-Marten Block: “DSDS” became “familiar” due to corona restrictions

Jan-Marten Block is the winner of “DSDS” 2021. Spot on news reveals how exuberantly his family celebrated the show triumph.

Germany has had a new superstar since the “DSDS” final on April 3rd. With the song “Never Not Try” Jan-Marten Block (25) moved the audience in front of the television screens and in the end secured 33.38 percent of the votes cast. How the triumph of the North German was celebrated in his home village in Schleswig-Holstein, whether the jury-out of pop titan Dieter Bohlen (67) hit him personally and why he has no problem with the Corona restrictions of the 18th season of “Germany is looking for.” the superstar “, he reveals in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

Congratulations on your victory. How do you feel the day after the triumph?

Jan-Marten Block: Overwhelmed. It’s a little surreal, and I think I’ll only get it in the course of the day or tomorrow that I won “DSDS” in 2021.

How did your family in Schleswig-Holstein react?

Block: She freaked out. My parents got up and screamed. My brother and sister-in-law stayed up with my nephews and partied. In my village people drove through the streets in cars and set off fireworks. You can see the support I get and it’s just wonderful.

Your friend Jasmin was on stage with your victory. How important was that to you?

Block: It was a wonderful moment. She came on stage and I immediately started crying and hugging her. I was completely overwhelmed. It gave me support and strength to get through the final – and it is my lucky charm.

In addition to a record deal, your profit also includes 100,000 euros. Do you already know what you will do with the money?

Block: I am a man who has so far been able to get by on little money. That is exactly what I will continue to do. I was also happy before that, without the 100,000 euros. I will hold them back and not be overly generous with it.

Are you continuing your training as an e-commerce businessman and your work as a voice actor?

Block: First of all, my focus is clear. A path is being paved for me and it would be nonsensical not to walk it. If I have the chance to make this dream come true, I will take it. If that means I can’t continue with the training, then so be it. As my single “Never Not Try” says: You should never not try.

“Never Not Try” is about believing in yourself and looking for happiness, no matter how unlikely success seems. How difficult was it for you to pursue your dreams up to the moment you won “DSDS”?

Block: Every path is rocky and from time to time there are people who put obstacles in your way. The trick is to avoid them. I fell several times, but kept getting up and running.

This year’s “DSDS” season made more than just a headline thanks to Michael Wendler and Dieter Bohlen. How much did you get from behind the scenes?

Block: It was a very turbulent season. It was up and down, but we candidates were guarded by everyone. The team – and Dieter too – was always there for us. He also wants to be in the future.

How badly did Dieter Bohlen’s sudden exit affect you personally?

Block: Not as much as other candidates. The live shows are less about convincing the jury than about proving to the audience that you are worthy of this stage. You have decided who wins “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”.

RTL quickly found a plank replacement in Thomas Gottschalk. The show master called you in the finale as a “living sympathy bolt”. What does that mean to you?

Block: When Thomas Gottschalk says to me that I am a “sympathizer”, then I think: “Wow, thank you, Thomas!” He is a man who has got to know many people and many stars. So it was words that really touched me. And I was allowed to talk to him a little and get to know him. He really is a personable man.

The other jury members Maite Kelly and Mike Singer also had a lot of sympathy for you. How did you experience them both away from the show stage?

Block: As wonderful people. During the recording of my single I had voice problems and Maite Kelly was immediately there for me and said, “Okay, Jan-Marten. Take that and your voice will be better.” And it was like that! She’s a little like a mom and Mike Singer is just an incredibly likeable young man. You have to acknowledge that he has achieved so much at his age. Nevertheless, he never treated me from above and is very down to earth.

Is the 21-year-old a role model for you?

Block: I find it very difficult to name role models. My parents are my role models because they are the most beautiful people in the world. When I get that old, I want to be like them.

… and like your musical role model Rag’n’Bone Man?

Block: Yes, like a rag’n’bone man on the German scene.

What is it about the British soul singer that fascinates you?

Block: He’s an incredibly good singer and, like me, had a difficult path. With “Human” he still managed to make it big. That’s exactly what I want.

“Germany is looking for the superstar” took place in a changed framework due to the ongoing corona pandemic in 2021. How much did you miss the viewers on the live shows?

Block: I am a cozy man. The more familiar everything is, the more comfortable I feel. The small room made it look familiar – so clearly a plus point for me. Of course I would have felt comfortable in front of an audience and I want to sing on the big stage in the future.

With what feelings will you remember your time at “DSDS”?

Block: First of all with sadness, because it was one of the most beautiful trips I have been able to make so far. It is over now and I will miss the time. As soon as the pandemic allows, I would like to sit down with the other candidates. We have become a family.

What surprised you most during your participation in the casting format?

Block: My victory! Did you see my reaction?


Block: I was told that you could tell that I didn’t expect to win. I just said, “Yeah, I still don’t get it.”

What do you want to have achieved in just over a year – when the next “DSDS” superstar is likely to be chosen?

Block: I want to be happy and music makes me happy. If I can live through them, I have achieved everything.