Jan Ullrich: The ex-professional cyclist “escaped death”

Jan Ullrich
The ex-professional cyclist “escaped death”

Jan Ullrich struggles with health problems.

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Jan Ullrich was in the hospital before Christmas. The reason for this was “a thrombosis and very serious blood poisoning”.

Shortly before Christmas, fans were very worried about Jan Ullrich (48): The former professional cyclist had to be treated in a hospital. In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper he has now spoken about the reason for the stay. “I had a thrombosis and very severe blood poisoning. I escaped death again!” In addition, the athlete, who had to struggle with alcohol and drug problems in the past, explained: “To dispel any speculation: I took a drug test at the beginning of the treatment – and it was of course negative!”

His friend and long-time cycling rival Lance Armstrong (50) was “the first” to see him and “helped Ullrich a lot”. “I thank him very much, as well as the rest of my team,” said the 48-year-old. In the end, his back also gave him problems, “[…] three or four intervertebral discs are now completely rubbed off. “The result: Jan Ullrich has shrunk from a height of 1.83 meters to 1.81 meters.

Love comeback with his girlfriend

But there is also good news from the former cyclist. After a brief separation from his partner Elizabeth Napoles, the two start “a new attempt,” as Ullrich says.

Ullrich was the only German cyclist to win the Tour de France in 1997, and Olympic gold medal in Sydney followed in 2000. Six years later he was banned from the Tour de France due to doping allegations, and in 2007 he ended his career.

the beginning of October Ullrich announced on Instagram: “I cleaned up a bit. In life and now here too. I’m looking forward to a new beginning. More on that soon.”


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