Jana Ina Zarrella: At the end of October, she will return as a dating show host

Jana Ina Zarrella
At the end of October, she returns as a dating show host

Jana Ina Zarrella is again allowed to moderate a dome show.

© RTLZWEI / Christian Weck

Former “Love Island” presenter Jana Ina Zarrella will return to TV with a new dating show in October.

Jana Ina Zarrella (44) will present “Let’s Love – a hut full of love” from the end of October. The new RTLzwei dating show sends two singles to a cozy hut to get to know each other in peace and without distractions. After a day, the participants have to decide whether they want to spend more time together or not.

If there is radio, the common “first date” can last five days and nights in the hut. During their hut adventure, the singles are allowed to keep in touch with caregivers “outside” and to exchange their experiences with them. The candidates are accompanied in their search for love by Jana Ina Zarrella, who presented her moderation for the dome show “Love Island” to Sylvie Meis (43). Zarrella accompanies three dates told in parallel, which are intended to give viewers an impression of intensive slow dating apart from quick swipes or impersonal online dating. RTLzwei will broadcast the new dating show “Let’s Love” from October 25th, Mondays to Fridays at 5:05 pm.

Farewell to “Love Island”

In the spring, Zarrella announced her departure from the successful dome show “Love Island – hot flirts and true love”. In the sixth season, which recently celebrated its finale on RTLzwei, Sylvie Meis took over the helm. In May it was announced that Zarrella will host the “Let’s Love” format. “I’m really looking forward to the new dating show. An intense journey to togetherness – pure, direct and immediate, full of tension and flirtation,” said the presenter about her new job. According to RTLzwei, the success story of the original program “Let Love Rule” began in January 2020 in the Netherlands and has been or will be continued in Belgium, Sweden, England and Portugal.


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