Jana Ina Zarrella: From quarantine back to the "Love Island" set

Moderator Jana Ina Zarrella is back from the corona quarantine. On Wednesday she will be back on "Love Island".

Jana Ina Zarrella (43) had to pause her job as "Love Island" presenter for two weeks. A positive corona test forced her into quarantine in Cologne at the beginning of September. But now she is back. As the broadcaster RTLzwei confirmed to the news agency spot on news on Tuesday (September 15), the presenter will "be on the program on Wednesday".

According to the "Bild" newspaper, Zarrella returned to Mallorca on Monday to resume filming for the dome show. In her absence she was represented by Cathy Hummels (32). Zarrella was grateful to her colleague for her spontaneity, as she said. "We spoke on the phone before their first moderation and exchanged views on the content. I think that was good for both of us." Hummels was able to "make use of some of my experience," said Zarrella. And she herself was "somehow a little involved" in this way.