Jana Ina Zarrella: The presenter is once again committed to animals in need

It has been almost two years since Jana Ina (46) and Giovanni Zarrella (45) visited the sanctuary Anna in Rheinbach together. The flood disaster in the Ahr Valley also left a trail of devastation here. “It shook me to see how the water of this and many other facilities washed away the existence,” said the presenter and passionate animal rights activist at the time, deeply moved.

Thanks to the Fressnapf initiative “animal commitment” and the “Golden Fressnapf” award, the couple made a generous donation to the Anna Sanctuary. Two years later, the sanctuary shines almost in new splendor. “It’s great to see how much everything has changed here,” said the presenter when she visited again on Wednesday as part of the “Golden Fressnapf 2023” award ceremony.

Engagement award celebrates five-year anniversary

Also in the anniversary year 2023, Jana Ina Zarrella will support the awarding of the “Golden Food Bowl” as a jury member. For five years now, the company has been awarding the Engagement Prize to animal protection associations and animal rights activists. Anyone in Germany who is particularly committed to animal welfare could apply until July 23rd. The prize is endowed with a total of 20,000 euros, which goes to various dedicated animal lovers.

Among the recipients this year is Sabine John from pro vobis – association for seniors and animals in need eV “The award of animal rights activists like Sabine John is a matter close to my heart, because with the initiative “animal commitment” we want people like her who act as role models, support and make their work visible. For many seniors, pets are the only social contact in old age. But the veterinary costs in particular are a heavy financial burden for seniors. This is where Sabine John’s work comes in,” explains Torsten Toeller, founder and owner of the Fressnapf Group.

Zarrella is a dog mom herself

Jana Ina Zarrella has been a passionate dog mom herself for many years. In 2021 she adopted a small mixed breed dog from an animal shelter. Little Cici not only comforted her over the loss of her beloved dachshund Tyson, who died at the age of 17. She also inspired the mother of two to do even more for four-legged friends.


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