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A smile, glasses on the tip of her nose and a mess of hair … it doesn't take Jane Birkin any more to shine. Fifty years after having been the erotic symbol of a whole generation, the ex-companion of Serge Gainsbourg notes without complaint that time has left marks. And what can it do? For Jane Birkin, absolutely nothing. Charlotte Gainsbourg's mother does not care. As she explains to journalists from Vogue, who collected her testimony on January 22, 2021, the past few years have allowed her to fall in love, gave her beautiful grandchildren and a brand new album, Oh ! Sorry, you were sleeping in stores since December. However, Jane Birkin admits it without blushing, she could perhaps prepare more.

"I never had the courage to make corrections, I'm so scared"

Asked about her beauty routine, Jane Birkin does not go on forever: “I'm not really doing much. I should be doing a lot more. Sometimes my hairdresser makes me curls because otherwise my hair is straight and it makes me look like a horse! ", she confided with humor. What about cosmetic surgery? "I never had the courage to make corrections because I am so afraid that they will make a mistake and cannot reverse it that I don't think it's really worth it ", she explains, in all transparency, believing that she had "look great" until he was sixty. What then?

At the dawn of her seventy-five years, Jane Birkin believes that a knife stroke would be useless: "It's a little late to do the things you could have done between 50 and 60 at 70. I don't think it's really worth getting a facelift at 75!" Besides, nothing pleases her more than seeing her own mother's reflection when she looks at herself in the mirror: "I'm starting to look like him. I have the same skin-shaped marshmallows under my forearms. The grandchildren are saying, 'Oh! That's kind and sweet,' and I think that's what I do. also thought with my mother ". Yet his mother, Judy Campbell, a famous English actress and singer of the 1940s, lived only for her looks. When her house caught fire during the war, it kept only its scent. "I said to her: 'Ma! You haven't had food? Clothes? And she said,' No. When you have nothing left, it's the mirror that counts. '" A legacy that Jane Birkin preferred to leave behind.

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